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Some of Our 5-Star Reviews

  • Always nice, friendly and clean and never leaves you waiting

    Amanda Rowley

  • This place has to be one of the best pet stores I've ever visited. The staff here are fantastic. You can tell they take pride in their job and enjoy what they do. Also, there are a good amount of employees for the store size and so all patrons can be helped easily. They allow for patrons to carefully interact with the large selection of well-cared-for animals.

    Behn Fannin

  • love it. very friendly staff. always wanting to help. even tried to see if they could order the bigger bags of dog food for me since I'm in there just about weekly for dog food. they called me to let me know it wasn't possible. But they tried!! And that is why I'll keep shopping here

    Gwendolyn Vo

  • Staff is always fantastic, great at promoting products and sales! My kids love looking at the fish, and my dog can never choose just ONE treat!

    Sarah Jensen

  • They are always very helpful and you can ask some questions about care for your animal they even have a place to bathe your dog but that was amazing.

    Demetre Wells

  • I wanted to thank the entire staff for their professionalism & obvious passion for animals when I asked to bring in my rescue that is still learning to socialize & her timid behavior is often misunderstood.I was almost brought to tears with how their patience & energy (not to mention knowledge of correct behavior modifications 😅) allowed my girl to enjoy her adventure & even show her good-girl side to complete strangers . Thank you so much!!

    Jess Hankey

  • Us to love jacks aquarium but petal d is lot more organized and knowledgeable in pet care needs.

    Michael Spears

  • I love this place.........Everyone is always really friendly, always directing you in the right direction, or getting it for you themselves. Great place, great people, and I would recommend it to everyone.

    Samuel Blackburn

  • One of the few places that sales healthy live mice for my snake. So happy to go in and see all their animals carried for properly.

    Bomb DotCom

  • Was a pleasant experience . I found all I needed and was given answers to all of my questions I had , even a couple minutes after store hours without being pushed away which I thought to be very kind to still help on their time .

    Randall Rice

  • Staff is very polite. Happy and excited to help you . Everyone is knowledgeable always sharing ideals. It's a wonderful atmosphere!! They keep it very clean and stocked never disappointed

    Ashley Vanderpool

  • I go to this pet store all the time my daughter loves the animals and the insects that I buy from my pets are usually in good shape. We did lose a sick hermit crab from there after only a few days. Everyone is friendly.

    Gayleen Tarpley

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