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Some of Our 5-Star Reviews

  • This place is always friendly and well educated. Great selection of fish and reptile and guinea pigs in addition to usual pet supplies.

    Topher Connors

  • Anna helped me get my child a ferret. She was the sweetest person. This is a well maintained location, clean, friendly people helping customers discover their pet needs. ❤️

    Annie Ruok (A Non Ymous)

  • Love having the dog bath available for when our stinky boy needs a quick scrub down and I don't want to spend 2 hours scrubbing the shower down afterwards. Always nice, helpful staff and plenty of treats for a good, clean boy.

    Pamela R. Fisher

  • The employees are awesome, they know the customers... I asked for a particular breed of fish and they got my information and planned to order me a few... the next day they called and said they got some in their fish shipment and that I could come get them! Super polite, very friendly staff, and their fish seem well taken care of, as well as their other live animals are very well treated!

    Jillian Domino

  • Great customer service & very friendly, very clean store!

    Jeffrey Ayers

  • I bought my cockatiel here, I believe most of their bigger birds are hand tamed. The staff are very knowledgeable about all the animals they have in store and how to care for them. Everyone working here is super friendly and helpful when looking for certain things, they all know the store super well. If you're looking to buy a bird, I recommend buying them here, they take very very good care of all the animals they have and the staff do genuinely care about the animals.

    Parker Sawyer

  • Everyone is always so welcoming and nice. They always have what I'm looking for, it might not be the price I like but they have all my pets needs. I go there for my dog toys and treats and my guinea pigs bedding,food and treats.

    Nicole & Kaylor Franklin (Kaylor & Nikki)

  • We went to give our puppy a bath! They have two baths inside for your dogs. Paying for them gives you access to all the provided shampoos as well as clean towels to help dry off your pup. Buddy cam out much cleaner, much fluffier, and much less stinky. It's easier to bathe him there than it is at home.

    Nellie Marie

  • Very nice experience! More than one staff member was there to help at different times, didn't have to chase them down. And I could tell that the animals there for sale were well taken care of. I saw that the staff were passionate about the animals and were quick to educate about certain species. Two thumbs up!!

    Curtis Dennard

  • I can't speak on an actual shopping experience (products they carry, pricing, etc) as I just went to hang out with my kids and play with the animals. They have a nice petting area and even encouraged us to play with one of the birds (they took it out the cage for us) who was extra friendly. The staff were nice overall, just let us have a good time even though it was clear we weren't customers at that particular moment. There were clear instructions for sanitizing hands on between touching animals so as to not spread germs between the animals themselves. I appreciated that concern for the animals.

    Shawn Thomas

  • Everyone who works at this store seems to be tentative and polite. Good job you guys

    Jason Burns

  • We had a great experience here, friendly knowledgeable staff. We took our 60 lb lab to get her nails cut and the contractors they had there were great! Josie had no problem with them holding her and cutting her nails, a very good job!


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